A real story of a great adventure!

"Sailing Commitment'

is a follow up to his first grade Basal Reader."

The story is expanded for young readers and a more detailed version of the story of a dream.

Inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame - October 2021

In the seventh grade I read a book by an author named Armstrong Sperry: 'Call It Courage', it was a story that touched my heart because I felt very much like the hero of the story.  He, like me had been an outcast.  He was an outcast because he was afraid of the water.  I had been an outcast because in school I was one of a few black children and the other kids were not kind to us.  I grew up without a father, (my parents divorced when I was six, so my mom, sister and I were on public aid for a while.  Always on the outside never being a part of the crowd I felt alone.  When I read the story about this young boy who was on the outside like me, and how he took his destiny into his own hands and had a great adventure, I knew that was what I wanted too.       

                                                                 Bill Pinkney      


Captain Bill Pinkney

Photo credit: Carter Berg

"From first page to last, Captain Bill Pinkney's captivating children's book, "Sailing Commitment Around the World," is nothing less than a delight. Beautifully illustrated with full-color paintings by noted artist Pamela C. Rice, the book is most certainly a true-life adventure tale, but it's also something even better: an inspirational story about a kid with a dream -- like all kids -- who ultimately had the courage and drive to fully realize it. With simple but memorable prose, and a message with lessons learned that will resonate with readers young and old, Captain Pinkney's "Commitment" wasn't just the name of his boat, it was the driving force behind a historic, once-in-a-lifetime voyage. Bravo."

Herb McCormick

Executive Editor, Cruising World Magazine



'Sailing Commitment

Around the World with Captain Bill Pinkney'


Written by Captain Bill Pinkney

Illustrated by Pamela C. Rice