Inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame - October 2021

In the seventh grade I read a book by an author named Armstrong Sperry: 'Call It Courage', it was a story that touched my heart because I felt very much like the hero of the story.  He, like me had been an outcast.  He was an outcast because he was afraid of the water.  I had been an outcast because in school I was one of a few black children and the other kids were not kind to us.  I grew up without a father, (my parents divorced when I was six, so my mom, sister and I were on public aid for a while.  Always on the outside never being a part of the crowd I felt alone.  When I read the story about this young boy who was on the outside like me, and how he took his destiny into his own hands and had a great adventure, I knew that was what I wanted too.       

                                                                 Bill Pinkney      


Captain Bill Pinkney

"From first page to last, Captain Bill Pinkney's captivating children's book, "Sailing Commitment Around the World," is nothing less than a delight. Beautifully illustrated with full-color paintings by noted artist Pamela C. Rice, the book is most certainly a true-life adventure tale, but it's also something even better: an inspirational story about a kid with a dream -- like all kids -- who ultimately had the courage and drive to fully realize it. With simple but memorable prose, and a message with lessons learned that will resonate with readers young and old, Captain Pinkney's "Commitment" wasn't just the name of his boat, it was the driving force behind a historic, once-in-a-lifetime voyage. Bravo."

Herb McCormick

Executive Editor, Cruising World Magazine


'Sailing Commitment

Around the World with Captain Bill Pinkney'


Written by Captain Bill Pinkney

Illustrated by Pamela C. Rice

6x Time Bestselling Book!

"Sailing Commitment'

is a follow up to his first grade Basal Reader."

The story is expanded for young readers and a more detailed version of the story of a dream.

A real story of a great adventure!